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Bismuth Subcarbonate Tablets

Bismuth subcarbonate tablets       Non-Prescription Vet. Medicine


Active Ingredient: Bismuth subcarbonate

Description: white to yellowish tablet


Pharmacological Actions: This product is difficult to absorption. A part of bismuth dissociate to ion form and combine with protein, resulting in convergence and protect the mucosa. Bismuth carbonate is coated on the surface of the intestinal mucosa, and free bismuth can also binding with hydrogen sulfide. Therefore providing mechanical protection to the intestinal mucosa and reducing hydrogen sulfide irritate the intestine.


Indications:Anti-diarrheal. For gastro-enteritis and diarrhea.

Administration and Dosage: By oral:

  1. Cattle and horse:50-100 tabs.

  2. Sheep, Porcine, Calf, Pony:6.7-13.3tabs.

  3. Dog:1-6.7tabs

Adverse reactions: No adverse reaction under recommend.

Specification: 0.3g Count by Bismuth subcarbonate

Packing size: 100tablet/bottlesX240bottles/carton

Storage: Seal and keep in dry place.