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Sulfamonomethoxine tablets (veterinary non-prescription drugs)

Sulfamonomethoxine tablets   


Active Ingredient: Sufamonomethoxine

Description: White to yellowish


Pharmacological Actions: Sulfamonomethoxine belongs to broad-spectrum antibiotic and is strongest sulfa drug in vivo and in vitro. It has good effect on both Gram positive and Gram negative bacterial such as Streptococcus pyogedes, Salmonella and Klebsiella. The structure of sulfa drug are similar to aminobenzoic acid, and interference the syntheses of dehydrofolat. Ultimately affecting the syntheses of nucleic acid, inhibiting the growth and reproduction of bacteria.

The para-aminobenzoic acid derivatives (procaine and tetracaine) antagonized with sulfa drugs. In addition, pus and tissue exudation provide essential material for bacterial growth and decreased the effects of medicine.

Good absorption from oral path, high blood concentration , low acetylization, and not prone to crystallization. The effective blood concentration was maintained for 24 hrs for buffaloes, 5.8-7 hrs for pigs and goat, and 2hrs for sheep.


Medicine interactions:

  1. Synergistic effects with benzyl pyrimidines.

  2. Certain material containing aminobenzoic or para-aminobenzoic acid, such as procain, tetracain and yeast products, which bacterial required for proliferation may reduce the role of this drug.

  3. Using with diuretics will aggravate renal toxicities.


Adverse reaction: It is easy to precipitate and crystallization In urinary tract, support enough water is need. When administered at high dosage or at low dosage for long time, it may causing crystal urea , hemoglobin urea, or renal micro tubes obstructed.


Indication: For susceptible bacterial infections, can also be used for porcine Toxoplasma gondii and avian leukosis.


Administration and Dosage: For first time 2-4 tabs/kg(BW), the maintain dose 1-2tabs/BID for 3-5 days.



1.It is easy to crystals in urinary tract, and large amount of water should be given.

2.Not recommend use in renal function impaired animal.

3.It could change the intestinal flora, long term use man cause Vit K and Vit B efficiency.  Adding vitaminK and B if need.

4.When hypersensitive reaction was found should stop the drug immediately.

Withdrawal Time: 28 day.

Specification: 25mg

Packing size: 100tablet/bottlesX240bottles/carton

Storage: protect it from light, store in a tightly sealed container