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Ivermectin tablets

Ivermectin Tablets  

          Non-Prescription Medicine for animal


Active Ingredient: Ivermectin

Description: White tablet


Medicine interactions: To use with Diethylcarbamazine may cause severe encephalopathy or even death.


Indication: Macrolides antiparasitic drug, in treatment of sheep and pig for disease  caused by Nematoda, acariasis and parasitic insect.


Administration and Dosage: By oral.

Dosage each time:

1. sheep 0.4 tablet/10kg (BW).

2. Pig: 0.6 tablet/10kg (BW).


Contraindications: No adverse effect with recommended dosage.



1. Do not use during  lactation period.

2. Do not use for Collie.

3. Ivermectin is poison to shrimp, fish, and aquatic animals.  Packaging and container with residue drug have to be discarded in a secure manner to to avoid fouling water source. 

4. Be careful to use for sows in first trimester of pregnancy (first 45 days).


Withdrawal Time: sheep: 35 day, pig: 28 days.

Specification: 5mg

Package: 100tablet/bottlesX240bottles/carton

Storage: protect it from light, store in a tightly sealed container.