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Levamisole Hydrochloride Tablets

Veterinary drug name

 Generic Name:Levamisole Hydrochloride Tablets

 Trade Name:

Chinese name: 盐酸左旋咪唑片

Chinese Pinyin:Yansuan Zuoxuanmizuo Pian
Content specifications:  50mg

Active Ingredient: Levamisole Hydrochloride

Description: white tablet

Pharmacodynamics:   Levamisole is a kind of anthelmintics belonging to the imidazothiazole group. For most cows, sheep, swine, canine, and poultry nematodes is unavoidable. The mechanism of levamisole is to excite the parasympathetic and sympathetic nerve as a result of nicotinic effect. When the drug is in high concentration, levamisole can access to block fumaric acid reduction and succinic acid oxidation as a result interfering the glycolysis of nematodes. The nematodes will be paralyzed and discharged. Other than the activity of anthelmintics, levamisole can also increase the immune system by generation of T-lymphocytes and excitation of monocyte in phagocytosis. For immune malfunction animals, the effect is easier to be seen. 

Pharmacodynamics: the drug can be absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract and dispersed all over the whole body. Most of the drug is degraded in liver and kidney, and the main metabolite is discharged in urine while less than 6% of the original drug is discharged in feces. The half-life of the drug in blood serum is 4~6 hours in bovine, 3~4 hours in sheep, 3.5~6.8 hours in porcine, and 1.8~4 hours in canine.

Drug Interaction:

1. Usage with nicotine effect drug such as pyrantel, morantel tartrate salt, diethylcarbamazine and cholinesterase inhibition drug such as organophosphorus and neostigmine can increase the toxicity of levamisole.     2. levamisole can increase the immune response of Brucella vaccine.

Indications: anthelmintics. In treatment for bovine, sheep, porcine, canine, feline, and poultry gastrointestinal nematodes, lung nematodes, and porcine renal echinococcosis.

Administration and Dosage:  mix with feed, bovine, sheep, and porcine: 1.5 tablet/10kg; canine, feline: 2 tablet/10kg; poultry: 5 tablet/10kg.


1. Bovine used with levamisole can occur excitement in parasympathetic nerve. Oronasal symptoms such bubbling and drooling can occur. Excitation or shivering along with lip-licking and head-shaking can happen. These disorders will decrease within 2 hours.

2. sheep used with levamisole can cause excitation while goat can cause depression, allergy and drooling.    3. porcine used with levamisole can cause drooling or oronasal bubbling.

4.canine used with levamisole can cause imbalance in gastrointestinal so as to vomiting, diarrhea, and neurotoxicity in pant, head-shaking, anxiety, or other changes. Other diseases such as agranulocytosis, pulmonary edema, and urticaria can also happen. 

5. feline used with levamisole can be seen with drooling, excitation, mydriasis, and vomiting.


1. Do not use during animal lactation.  2. horses and camels are more sensitive. Camal is prohibited while horse should be taken with care.    3. animals in poor health or in severe liver and kidney damage should be used with care. Vaccination, dehorning, castration, and other form of stress in bovine should be delayed or use with care.

4. if the animal is poisoned due to the toxicity of levamisole, atropine detoxication can be used. 

Withdrawal Time:   bovine: 2 days; sheep: 3 days; porcine: 3 days; poultry:28 days.

Storage: store in a tightly sealed container