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Prednisone Acetate Tablets

Prednisone Acetate tablet              Vet. Prescription Medicine


Active Ingredient: prednisone acetate

Description: white tablet


Pharmacological Actions: 

This product itself has no pharmacological activity and needs to converted into prednisolone in vivo. Anti-inflammation, anti-allergic, anti-toxin and anti-shock effect. The products anti-inflammatory and gluconeogensis are 4 times than hydrocortisone, while sodium retention and potassium excretion phenomenon are less than hydrocortisone. It is commonly used by strong anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects and fewer side effects. It promote the conversion of protein to glucose, reduce the bodys use of sugar, so the blood sugar and liver glycogen increase, It is possible cause diabetes.


Medicine interactions:

  1. Hepatic drug such as Phenobarbital can promote the metabolism of these drugs and reduce their efficacy.

  2. The type drug accelerate the elimination of salicylic acid, reduce the efficacy, and easily cause gastrointestinal ulcers when used together.

  3. In combination with cardiac glycosides, may increase the occurrence of arrhythmia and toxic of digitalis. When use with anti-coagulants need to increased the dosage.

  4. In combination with potassium diuretics, hypopotassemia may occurred.


Indications: Glucocorticoids: Anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and affect the role of glucose metabolism, for inflammatory, allergic disease, ketosis and sheep pregnancy toxemia.


Administration and Dosage: By oral administration for once dosage:

  1. Cattle and horse:20-60 tabs.

  2. Sheep, Porcine:2-4tabs.

  3. Dog and Cat:0.1-0.4tabs


Adverse reactions:

  1. Strong sodium retention and potassium excretion.

  2. Strong immunosuppressive effect.

  3. Large doses during late pregnancy may cause abortion.

  1. Large doses or long-term medications can easily cause adrenal impairs.



  1. Disabled in early and late pregnancy.

  2. Banned to use in osteoporosis animals and vaccination period.

  3. Animal with severe liver dysfunction, fracture treatment, wound repair period were banned.

  4. Acute bacterial infections should be combined with antibiotic.

  5. After long-term use of drugs can not be stopped suddenly and should be gradually reduced.


Drug withdrawal: No need            

Specification: 5mg

Packing size: 100tablet/bottlesX240bottles/carton

Storage: Shading, Seal and keep in dry place.