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Compound Sulfachlorpyridazine Sodium Powder

Veterinary drug name

  Generic Name:Compound Sulfachlorpyridazine Sodium Powder

  Trade Name:

Chinese name:复方磺胺氯达嗪钠粉

Chinese Pinyin:Fufang Huang’an Lüdaqinna Fen
Content specifications:  1000g: sulfachlorpyridazine 625g+ Trimethoprim 125g 
Packing:100g × 100 bags / carton

Active Ingredient: sulfachlorpyridazine, trimethoprim

Description: light yellow powder

Pharmacodynamics:  This drug is effective against most Gram positive and negative bacteria. Bacteria which are sensitive to sulfachlorpyridazine cannot use the surrounding folate but to use 4-aminobenzoic acid and dihydropteridine. Using dihydrofolate synthetase to form tetrahydrofolate is an important step in purine and thymine synthesis. Sulfachlorpyridazine can compete with 4-aminobenzoic for dihydrofolate synthetase due to similar structure causing an inhibition in nucleotide synthesis and bacterial growth. Sulfachlorpyridazine’s effeciency can be affected by compounds which can antagonize 4-aminobenzoic such as procaine and tetracaine. Other than that, pus and tissue degrades can also supply bacteria for its needs and antagonize with sulfachlorpyridazine. Trimethoprim is an antibacterial enhancer which can suppress the activity of dihydrofolate synthetase. Both working together can be of greater use.

Drug Interaction: sulfa drugs used with antacids will lower bioavailability. 

Indications: sulfa antibacterial drug. For avian E. coli and Pasteurella infections.

Administration and Dosage: mix with feed, porcine and poultry: 0.2g/kg, porcine for 5~10 days; poultry for 3~6 days.

Contraindications: . Active reaction would be acute allergy; Chronic reaction would be cells and platelet decreasing, damage in liver and kidney, and neurotoxicity. It can be easily accumulated in urine when use in high dosage.

Precaution: 1.Do not use on layers during laying    2.Cannot be used as long term food additive

3.Easily salt out crystals in urine. Stocks should be applied with massive drinking water. Long-term usage and high dosage of the drug should be applied with equally amount of sodium bicarbonate.

4.can cause damage to kidney and excrete slowly, should be used carefully

Withdrawal Time: Porcine: 4 days; Poultry: 2 days.

Storage: protect it from light, store in a tightly sealed container.