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Cbest Acidene

Cbest Acidene
Chinese name:优 酸

Active Ingredient: phosphoric acid, lactic acid, fumaric acid

Main Function: Cbest Acidene is using the finest technology in food additive with special layercovering,micro-particle formation, and a two-phase release of acids. The first phase: the first release is in the stomach with appropriate amount of acids. When the stomach’s pH value equals 4, pepsinogen will be activated to pepsin  and promote proteolysis. The second phase: the second release is in the small intestine and maintain the pH value at 5.7 making a friendly environment for the probiotics and suppressthe growth of harmful bacterial such as E. coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus. The product can also improve the structure of intestinal villus and crypt to activate the intestinal enzymes in a better feed absorption. After releasing the rest of the acids from Cbest Acidene in the large intestine, the extra gas, moisture, and toxic compounds can adhere onto the acids and discharge from the body. The feces’ pH value will be lower making the feces drier and less smelly.

Administration and Dosage:1.Suckling piglets to young piglets: 0.25%  Medium pigs to grow-finish pigs: 0.20%   2.Sows: 0.2%

3.Chicks: 0.25%   4.Young chicken to adult chicken: 0.20%   5.Laying hen: 0.20%

Storage: keep in a dry, dark place and well ventilated

Packing:1000g × 10 bags / carton